Our adventure began back in 2008 when the backbone of the team we met and worked together in Granada and it was not until 2012 that we set out to find a place to bring our ideas to life until 2013, since part of our Family is part of the story we decided to get in. It has been with the implementation of the work in algarinejo and cooking among olive trees never better said and finally We opened our doors in 2013 to bring a new world brought from sensations and new flavors from all over the world our idea is to keep traditional new and Those who wear personal touches.



You can found in Algarinejo, a little and beautiful village of Granada in the street San José, 2



If you want reserve a table can call us at number (+34) 603 57 82 48

You can send us the next form to reserve or any suggestion. We will nice to know it